Musgo Real

Musgo Real, the cultural brand for men's care products from Portugal, was first introduced in the 1920s by Claus Porto and is still a classic today that has been found in Portuguese homes for several generations. The brand captivates with its masculine aesthetics, which makes it so sought-after and popular by connoisseurs.

The high-quality body and shave care products are available in four different fragrances, each with its own distinctive colour scheme: Classic Scent, Orange Amber, Oak Moss and Spiced Citrus. The true-to-the-original label and the classic packaging are unmistakable and ensure a high degree of recognition.
The range includes soaps, shaving creams and soaps, aftershaves, pre-shave oils and fragrances. Each line is enriched with lanolin, glycerin, shea butter and walnut oil to ensure a moisturising yet thorough shave. The men's skin care range is characterised above all by its very good skin compatibility.