Das sollte ein Bartträger täglich tun – in vier Schritten zur Bartroutine

A bearded man should do this daily - in four steps to your own beard routine

A beautiful beard needs to be cared for - unfortunately you can't avoid it. Therefore, it is important that you develop a beard routine over time. Only five minutes in the morning are enough to make your beard shine. Since your beard is your flagship, it should be worth it! The following four steps will tell you how to set up a beard routine:

Step 1: Clean it

This step can be easily integrated into your daily morning routine. Since your head already hangs over the sink when you wash your face, you simply wash your beard at the same time. It is often enough to moisten your beard under running water. However, you should use beard shampoo about two to three times a week to remove residues of your care products, crumbs and anything else found in your beard. Please do not use hair shampoo for this, as it will dry out your beard and attack your beard's own tissues. Your beard hair needs special care and since you only need small amounts of beard shampoo at a time, you'll get a very long time of it. When you have time in the morning, let your beard dry in the air. If it should be faster, you can help yourself with the hairdryer.

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Step 2: Beard Oil

Now massage in some beard oil to make your beard hair soft and supple. It depends on the right amount and the length of your beard. While two drops are usually enough for a stubble beard, you need about four to five drops for a short to medium full beard. If you don't want to shine like a bacon rind in the end, it's best to slowly approach the correct dosage. Once you have found the right dosage for you, dribble the appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, rub it in between your fingers and massage it well into your beard.

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Step 3: Brush it

Then you take a beard brush and brush your beard carefully so that the beard oil is distributed even better. Of course, you can also use your beard brush as often as you like during the day, at the latest when your beard hair protrudes in all directions.

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Step 4: Beard Wax or Beard Pomade

This step is optional and for all those who want to bring their beard into a special shape, e.g. a special kind of moustache. Massage the bearded wax or pomade from the middle of the beard to the ends of the beard. You should make sure that the cum or pomade between your fingers has become soft and no lumps are noticeable. For a better distribution use a beard brush or comb.

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You should see your daily beard routine not as a burden, but as a beautiful male ritual in the morning. As soon as you have developed your personal beard routine and performed it for a few weeks, the condition of your beard will inspire you so much that this daily routine is no longer imaginable without it.

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