Bart-Fade Beard Fade

The Beard Fade: A stylish & modern Beard Style

The Beard-Fade is exactly what it sounds like: Starting at the sideburns the fade is initiated, which then continues into the beard. It's a transition into the beard, (mostly) starting at a hair length of 0 mm, which then fades into the longer beard. This style is very versatile and can be used for both short and long beards.

The beard fade combines two popular trends: the fade and the (full) beard. Usually this transition is combined with a fade haircut - stylish and modern.

The beard fade itself can be executed in different ways: The transition from short to long can be done on a few centimetres in the area of the sideburns or it can extend further into the area of the cheeks. In any case it is a very good and beautiful alternative to the pointed or "chopped off" beard ends. It is especially recommended for the bald people among us.

Another trend in association with the beard fade, which appeared in 2019 but will certainly still be seen in 2020, is a kind of hair design: A line, which is usually made with a trimmer and razor, starts at the back of the head and then continues into the beard (example below).

To make sure that the beard with the fade/blend not only looks well-groomed but actually is really well-groomed, you should definitely use a beard oil or beard balm every day. Your beard and your facial skin will definitely benefit from this nourishing care.

Is the beard fade something for me?

Despite all the advantages, a beard fade also has its disadvantages. Your beard definitely looks fresher, but that takes time, money and the right care.

If the fade should be maintained, you should plan regular visits at the barber's and ideally have some tools at home yourself.

You can make a beard fade yourself if you have the right tools (hair clippers and trimmers) and you know what you are doing. There are many videos on YouTube that show how to do a fade. But for the beginning I would leave it to your barber. A wrong movement while fading can turn your beautiful full beard into no beard at all in no time.

The beard fade is also a style that requires a fairly even beard growth. If you have an uneven, patchy beard, even the world's best barber will not be able to perform miracles.

How does a beard fade look like?

I brought you some examples of different beard fades. I'm sure there is a style that you will like and that you can also try for yourself.

1.Beard Fade with Fade-Haircut

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