Rasur = Brand? 7 Tipps wie du Rasurbrand vermeiden kannst!

Shaving = Burn? 7 tips on how to avoid razor burn!

Many men have to struggle with razor burn, especially after a wet shave. But does a wet shave always follow a razor burn? What is a razor burn anyway? What can be done about it and can it be avoided? You'll find out this and more in this article.
What is razor burn anyway?
Razor burn is the term used to describe burning, itchy skin redness, often accompanied by small shaving spots, which take a few days to heal completely. It often occurs after wet shaving, especially when a wrong shaving technique, no or wrong skin care is used. Depending on the skin type, the razor burn may be stronger or weaker.

How to treat razor burn?
If your skin begins to burn and itch after shaving or skin irritations form, then you are most likely suffering from razor burn. You should therefore not shave again until your skin has calmed down. Your skin needs time and sufficient care right now. If you do not give your skin the necessary time and shave too early, you will rip open the spots again and an infection may occur. Therefore: hands off! Even if it is so itchy, your hands do not belong on your face, because the bacteria on your hands can also cause an infection. Products containing aloe vera or household remedies such as chamomile or honey are supposed to help soothe the skin. It also helps some people to cool their skin immediately. 

If your razor burn does not fade after a few days, but develops into a permanent inflammation, you should consult a dermatologist. Even the best tips won't help you here.

Can razor burn be avoided?
Even better than treating razor burn in the best possible way is not to let it develop at all. The following tips will help you:
  1. Clean your face before shaving to free your beard hair from fat, residues or impurities.
  2. Soak your beard hair either with warm water or a warm wet towel.
  3. Your razor blade or cutting edge must be sharp and clean.
  4. Shave regularly to get your skin used to shaving.
  5. Do not press too hard during shaving, but let your blade glide over your skin with as few strokes as possible.
  6. Shave with the grain. Even if shaving against the grain gives a softer result, the risk of getting a razor burn is much higher.
  7. After shaving, use an after shave or balm of your choice to soothe your skin. However, the best after shave won't do you any good if you haven't paid attention to the previous points.

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