Die Bartbürste - ein Produkt das man(n) braucht?

The Beard Brush - A product that bearded men need?

Do you agree that every man should have a wild side? I absolutely agree with you, but it shouldn't be reflected in your beard. Among the natural enemies of a beard are a restless sleep, food leftovers and wind. A beard brush can help you defeat these enemies.

The Beard Brush

A beard brush should not be missing with beard bearers in any bathroom. It not only puts your beard back in order, but also provides the necessary portion of care.

Good reasons to choose a beard brush

  1. Your beard will look much better after use.
  2. A beard brush massages your facial skin, stimulates sebum production and distributes the sebum in the beard hair. Your beard hair stays soft and supple and does not dry out.
  3. In addition to sebum, the beard brush also distributes your beard oil in the beard hair and on your skin.


Now that you have realized that a beard brush belongs in every bathroom and that you have acquired one, the question is when and how to use your beard brush. As soon as your beard hair is sticking out in all possible directions, you should take your beard brush by the hand. This is often the case with me, for example, after getting up and is made clear to me by the first look in the mirror. Of course you can also use your beard brush during the day. Brush with a pleasant pressure your complete beard from top to bottom to untangle the individual beard hairs. You can also use the beard brush after using beard oil to massage the oil even better into your beard and your skin.

Boar or vegan?

The usual beard brush usually consists of boar bristles. These bristles are strong enough to unravel your beard hair on the one hand and on the other hand enormously receptive to bind deposits, skin flakes and dead hair. If you don't want to kill wild boar, the vegan beard brush is a great alternative. When buying, make sure that your bristles are made of natural fibres. Then it can keep up very well with the wild boar bristles.

1o1BARBERS Bartbürste oval

1o1BARBERS Beard Brush

25,00 €

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Proraso Old Style Military Brush - Bartbürste

Proraso Old Style Military Brush

14,00 €

incl. VAT plus shipping costs


Cleaning the Beard Brush

If you use your beard brush regularly, as it should be, then after some time many beard hairs, skin flakes as well as fat get caught in it. The hair can be removed roughly by hand, the remaining hair can be removed with a comb or a hairbrush cleaner. If you have dandruff, grease or care product residues, it helps to dissolve some shampoo in warm water and soak the bristles briefly. Then rinse the brush under running water and place it on a towel with the bristles first. Your beard brush is ready to use again!

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