Alvarez Gómez

It all began when three young men decided to leave their home in the northern Spanish province of León to seek their fortune in Madrid. The three cousins (Herminio Alvarez Gomez, Belarmino Gomez and Emilio Vuelta Gomez) found work in the drugstore of a relative. At some point the owner decided to retire and sell the business. The three cousins used this opportunity to take over the drugstore. In 1899, the company moved into new premises and for the first time operated under the name of ALVAREZ GÓMEZ. Herminio's surname was used because he was the one who invested the most in the new project. ALVAREZ GÓMEZ had an illustrious clientele. Actors, politicians, artists, writers and business travellers came and went in the unique shop. In 1912, one of these travelers from Central Europe brought along an eau de cologne made mainly of lemon, bergamot, rosemary and geranium. It soon became clear that the essences needed for this could be produced in Spain in even better quality. Shortly afterwards, the traditional production of this exceptionally fresh fragrance began in the cellar of the shop. The classic "ALVAREZ GÓMEZ Aqua de Colonia Concentrada" was born. Alvarez Gomez is a synonym for tradition, maximum quality, style and authenticity of the product. More than 100 years guarantee for the success of this Spanish family business.