Made in the UK, Denman products are used, enjoyed and recommended by hairdressers in more than 60 countries worldwide and confirm Denman as "the hairbrush of hairdressers". In 2013, the company celebrated the 75th anniversary of this legendary hairdressing brand, known for its exceptional commitment to quality, performance and innovation.

The first Denman hairbrush was invented in 1938 by Ulsterman, John Denman Dean (also known as Jack Dean). Denman hairbrushes were made popular in the sixties by hairdressing legend Vidal Sassoon through his revolutionary hairdryer techniques.

Today, Denman produces more than 400,000 brushes and combs every month at his factory in Northern Ireland. As a family business, Denman wants to continue working internationally with the industry's leading hairdressers and hairdressers to bring innovative and exciting professional tools to market.