The roots of the world brand Barbicide® go back to 1947, when chemistry teacher Maurice King in New York began to develop disinfection solutions whose characteristic clear blue has been known for over half a century in hairdressing salons around the world. Maurice King did everything he could to set a higher standard for hygiene - and his formula for success in the typical transparent glass and stainless steel container has since reliably removed germs and fungi from combs, scissors and other hairdressing tools.

While most disinfection products are colourless, Barbicide® has always retained its bright blue colour. Many hairdressers use this striking colour symbol to their advantage when storing combs in the stylish blue solution in front of their customers. Barbicide® Blue is a well-known symbol of hygiene in hairdressing salons and the beauty industry - even in the permanent exhibition of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington there is a blue Barbicide® glass.

In 1988, Ben King took over King Research from his father, expanded the Barbicide® brand and expanded the product range. Today, the merged King Research/Blueco Brands are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.