• PILS Rasierpinsel Dachs Silberspitze-The Man Himself
  • PILS Rasierpinsel Dachs Silberspitze-The Man Himself

PILS Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger

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This luxury shaving brush of the traditional company PILS is made of high-quality, matte stainless steel and equipped with badger hair of the best and most expensive quality, the so-called "silvertip". The handle fits very well in the hand due to the higher weight and the solid construction. The matt and flawless finish of the surface is made by hand - quality work with attention to detail.

Only the best hair available on the market is used for PILS shaving brushes. Among experts, badger hair of the "silvertip" quality grade is the highlight. This precious material is particularly fine and supple, can absorb a lot of water and thus produces a wonderfully dense, creamy foam that perfectly prepares the beard hair for the upcoming wet shave. A further quality feature is the characteristic, elegant color gradient in the predominantly silvery shimmering hair.
In addition to its high functionality and stylish appearance, which makes it the perfect bathroom accessory, the shaving brush convinces with its durability - a luxurious brush of superlatives.
  • Ring size: 21 mm or 23 mm
  • Handle length: approx. 55 mm
  • Total length: approx. 110 mm
  • Handle diameter: approx. 28 - 30 mm
  • Hair type: badger pluck silver tip
  • Weight: approx. 90 g
For the shaving brush there is a matching stand made of stainless steel by PILS.
The high-quality PILS shaving accessories for classic wet shaving are handcrafted with great care - beautiful, suitable for everyday use and extremely durable. Only the best, high-quality materials are used for the premium products. That's why they are among the best on the market. Made in Germany.